Learn to Read the Bible Effectively

Name: Learn to Read the Bible Effectively


Find reading the Bible difficult or frustrating at times? This seminar is for you! Six concise and informative sessions are delivered in a friendly, comfortable environment. They are aimed at equipping you with the skills and determination to understand scriptural teaching for yourself and benefit from a new appreciation of the Bible. Whether you are familiar with the Bible or new to reading it, you will walk away with loads of information and new energy to begin reading more effectively.

Full Description:

Cost: FREE
Snacks, Coffee & Tea included
Duration: 1.5 hours per session, one session per week for 6 weeks
Materials supplied:
  • A Bible
  • Handbook
  • Pens and Paper
Pre-requisites: None
Dress & Preparation: Dress comfortably. No advance preparation required.

Aims & Goals:

  • Our main goal is for you to enjoy learning about the Bible so we aim to make the learning environment relaxed, interesting and fun.
  • Provide you with a "framework" of tools, techniques and strategies to assist your Bible reading.
  • Provide you with an overview of the Bible’s structure and its books.
  • Assist in understanding some key questions related to the Bible.

Methods: This course is largely presentation based with approximately 20% of time spent applying the what you learn with interesting group or individual exercises. Participants will never be put “on the spot” and participation in exercises is optional.

What will be expected of me? As with any course, "you get out what you put in" so the more you participate the more you will get out of the course. This may involve reading materials between classes or participating in discussion. Again, these things are optional for you.

Some Topics Covered:

  • Tools, techniques and strategies for reading the Bible Effectively including, amongst other things: using a bible reading planner, online & software Bibles, Bible dictionaries, using different versions, reading for context and more.
  • Structure of the Bible and an overview of the books of the Bible.
  • Bible Terminology.
  • Bible prophecy – what is its purpose?
  • Versions of the Bible
  • Why Two Testaments?